The Earth is rich in various energy resources, but they are not inexhaustible. With each passing day, alternative solutions for generating the necessary energy, as well as for improving technologies in order to make power production more efficient and energy cheaper and more available, are becoming more and more important.


The Latvian-founded company ENERTECGREEN has created a fundamentally new technology for fast gasification of biomass, which allows producing green energy more efficiently, quickly and safely – GreenEngine.


ENERTECGREEN is a developer of biomass gasification and cogeneration technologies with experience in the field of green energy since 2001. By attracting significant financial resources and investing considerable efforts in the research of gasification processes, in the beginning of 2010, the company launched a 0.5 MW cogeneration plant using its unique GreenEngine technology.

As early as in September 2011, GreenEngine showed the best productivity in the world among biomass gasification technologies. From February to September 2010, the 0.5 MW cogeneration plant was in operation for 12,000 hours or 90% of the time. This significantly exceeds the average uptime of other renewable energy technologies available in the world.

GreenEngine is the most efficient solution in cases where:
  • 1–10 MW of electricity and 2–20 MW of thermal power are needed;
  • The availability of biomass resources is too low for large-scale energy production;
  • Straw, rice hulls, sugarcanes and other solid agricultural waste are available; at capacities where other technologies have low efficiency and high capital investment and costs of operation;
  • Energy production is not the primary direction of the business;
  • There is a long-term national policy supporting small cogeneration plants;
  • Other renewable energy sources are not available.
The clients of ENERTECGREEN are:
  • Small and medium municipal heating companies;
  • Manufacturing companies that require economical cogeneration;
  • Companies that have solid waste biomass available (forestry and agriculture, bird farms).


Higher efficiency, lower costs, and the widest solid biomass usage possibilities make Enertecgreen the leader among other small and medium biomass gasification technologies.