Why choose GreenEngine

There are a number of significant reasons for choosing the unique technology developed by ENERTECGREEN – the capital investment is only half of that demanded by competing technologies; the units are compact, easy to transport and set up next to the fuel source or energy consumer. They boast a short installation time, low maintenance costs, and a fully-automated process. Thanks to the modular design, the unit’s capacity can be freely varied from 500 kW to 10 MW. 


  • High electrical efficiency – up to 30%
  • High availability – uptime more than 90% of the year


  • The capital investment demanded by GreenEngine per kW generated is half as low as for competing technologies
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low frequency and time of scheduled maintenance (once per month, up to 6 hours)


  • Different types of fuel can be used. The unit can be easily modified to match the fuel.
  • Accepts moderately high amounts of biomass containing ash – 4–7%
  • Tar-free syngas


  • Choice of capacity from 500 kW to 10 MW, thanks to the unit’s modular design
  • Remote control possibilities
  • A fully automated process not requiring manual interaction, except to add fuel and take away ash
  • A compact and mobile design (a 1 MW power plant needs only 200 m2)
  • Fast installation of the power plants – 6 to 8 months on average
  • Downtime and maintenance times known in advance
  • Easy disassembly and moving

Environmentally friendly

  • Does not generate environmentally harmful emissions, contaminated  wastewater or other waste
  • Can be installed next to the fuel source and energy consumers